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Mother-Daughter Book-Club

I got into the business of writing books, cook-books in particular as Curry Cravings™ grew. I used to be an avid fiction reader, but then life happened and I found more demands on my leisure time, and I leaned towards less fantastic reads. My medium of escape remained my artboards and a space for my own words.


With books, I feel it is very important to not only view the content of a book, but also understand who it is the audience, will someone pick up the book, will they love it or hate it and why...


In contrast, my daughter has taken a keen interest in books – reading, writing. Last month she tried her hand at a book cover design, learning design software alongside design principles in quick and short order. With her permission, I may be able to share her first book cover one of these days.


V has some inclination towards design and when I started writing my own books she would routinely critique it for color, font, photograph choices, sometimes even make photography suggestions, all things would annoy any parent, but serve as valuable insight as a book designer. Plus kids have no filter, so they really DO say what is on their minds!


Every book I have purchased in the past few years, we have both looked at book design. She may not be interested in the book itself, but we talk about context, content, cover, layout and overall appeal. We discuss about who would benefit from that book and who would hate it.


It is no secret that all mothers and daughters have a goofy crazy relationship. We do too. And here, in our strange little mother-daughter book club, we will be looking at the business end of book-making.


You might find an interesting title, or an unusual perspective, but it is our little mother-daughter book club, of all things books.




Photos: Top left: Washington DC, 2013. Right: Laguna Beach, CA, 2011.

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Nandita Godbole
Once: botanist & landscape architect.
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