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Art is about expression, composition or randomness of it, about refocusing on something other than work or worries.


My art teacher at school disliked my curiosity with color (ironic), but art in some form was part of our family. I did not have formal college level art classes, although I have audited quite a few if they were available. I walked into my first oil painting summer-camp with 48" X 48" monstrous blank canvas, shocking my instructor. I happily I learned that oil was the most forgiving medium. I did not stop painting after that.


My journals in college were critiqued - because they looked like an artists' portfolio. As a botanist, my favorite painters easily became O'keefe and Monet. I have a particular affinity for these two not only for who they were as artists but who they were as visionaries and people.


I still find great comfort in the paintbox - and there are far too many paintings to share here. Slowly but surely I will get to it.


Who knew, that the best therapy for under $20 could also be so colorful!

White Poppy, 36" X 48" Oil, 2011
White Poppy, detail, oil, 2011
Quisqualis indica, watercolor, 2004
Sunflowers, pastel
Tea & Cherries, watercolor
Pomegranate, watercolor, 2010
Sunflowers & Equisetum, watercolor,


NG_BW 2020_rawai.jpg

Nandita Godbole
Once: botanist & landscape architect.
Now: personal chef, author, an artist, graphic designer, blogger, poet & potter!
Always: dreamer.

Loves fresh brewed chai, the crisp salty ocean breeze, watching monsoon rains & walking barefoot through cold mountain streams. 
Believes in the strength, positivity of the human spirit. Is spiritual but not a fanatic. 
Mom of one. Two, if she counts her husband.

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